Saturday, May 8, 2010

photos of ethan

Happy Saturday and thanks for taking the time to visit the charmed life blog.
We went to Ethan's game last night. It took us over an hour to drive across the city in rush hour traffic.

It seemed like no matter what we tried to do to avoid lights and long waits didn't work. We thought we were really going to be late for Ethan's game but they started 15 minutes late so that was good for us.

This is his first year where the kids actually pitch to each other instead of the coaches. So the game was 2 hours long. But, it was a good one and he just loves it when we come to watch him.

He pitched a couple of innings and had several hits-one was a triple. His coach awarded him the game ball.
We were so proud of our little grandson. They did win by the way-10-3.

Ethan running when he hit the triple                Ethan with the game ball


  1. This takes me back to the days when we were constantly running to practices/games with our kids. Ethan will definitely remember you taking time to share in his glory of hitting a triple! Happy Mother's Day to you! (BTW, my favorite baseball team is the Nylons...they get more runs!).

  2. I remember those days with my son- how fun that you get to go and see Ethan play!

  3. Fun and special times, Mary! Loveed those times with my son and my grandsons! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hope you enjoyed the game, Ethan looks so happy and proud!
    Happy Mother's Day Mary, hope your day is wonderful in every way.
    Thanks for commenting on Billy's picture in front of Carnegie Hall and the info on Carnegie. I knew a lot about him, I am an East Coaster myself although I have never been to Pittsburgh. My family all originated in Philadelphia (I was born there too). We moved to NJ when I was about 1 and I lived my whole life there until about 8 years ago. I really miss the East Coast, we used to visit PA alot, especially the Amish country.
    Have a blessed day, Mary!

  5. How awesome! Happy Mother's Day!

  6. WAY TO GO ETHAN!!!! Love it when they love the outdoors life... vs. the tv... Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day...



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