Tuesday, May 18, 2010

card from bonnie

Happy Tuesday and thanks for taking the time to visit the charmed life blog.
My lilac bush is in bloom and the scent that is coming from it is incredible.

This particular species is a later bloom than other lilacs, which in our area bloomed about 3 weeks ago.
I cut a few of the blooms and brought them indoors. Now I have the same wonderful scent filling my downstairs area.

Lilacs aren't a great cut flower in that they only last about 3 days, but to have the aroma for that time frame is so worth it to me.

My post today is dedicated to two of my friends-Bonnie McLain and Sue Watson-Defurio. They both have blessed me with their friendship and thoughtfulness recently.

The card I am posting today was a Mother's Day card sent to me by  Bonnie McLain. I really like her artsy style and, in fact, this post from May 11 was inspired by her work.

When Bonnie saw my pictures of our gardens, she realized she had sent the right card to me.  So thank you again, my paper doll friend. This card was a blessing to receive.

Sue Watson-Defurio is my next door neighbor. I opened my door one morning  recently and found a card of encouragement and a book on friendship.
She is another sweet friend who is so kind and considerate. She is always bringing me samples of different recipes she is trying out.
She is such a great cook and I love eating what she has prepared. So thank you Sue for being there for me when I needed my day brightened.

The book she gave me is  "The Friendship Garden".  I read a quote from the book that seemed so appropriate for both of these amazing women.

The quote is from Sir James Barrie. It reads:
Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. 

So thank you again Bonnie & Sue!! I pray God's blessing on both of you.


  1. Well you are a sweetheart to post this card... I am glad that it inspired you... and also hope that you had the best ever Mother's Day... and that each day will bring that happiness to you through the year... Thank you for being a Paper Doll Friend...

  2. I just love Bonnie's artsy card - she always has so many points of interest on her creations! and how nice that you have lilacs that bloom after the first ones! mine had a very short life this year - maybe due to all our rain and then an early blooming of them?!

  3. I just love Bonnie's cards and style, too! Another beauty I see! Thanks for sharing, Mary!

  4. What a beautiful card...Bonnie is sooo talented amd such a sweetheart to send you this lovely card!!!! Lilacs are one of the flowers I miss living in Texas...We have honeysuckle which smells great but isn't nearly as pretty and you can't cut it to bring inside...enjoy your beautiful card and the wonderful smell!!!

  5. Mary, what a sweet message. I treasure our friendship. Each of your cards are pieces of art and share a message of their own, just like looking at a painting!

  6. So very pretty!! I love that wildflower look!!

  7. Just gorgeous, very Bonnie and very you all at the same time, tfs!

  8. Very pretty card! Yes, Bonnie is a sweetheart!



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