Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer Flowers

This is a pot on our deck with Black Eyed Susans and Dahlias.
Hello Blogger Friends! Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit with the Charmed Life Blog. It's been quite the hectic past 10 days. My son and his family came in from an Francisco and we had a really enjoyable family visit.
It started with our annual family reunion which was wonderful. My sister came in from Houston  this year along with my niece and her husband. It's been 8 years since we have seen them. Nothing like family that's for sure.
My sweet little granddaughter, Phoenix Daisy and I had such fun together. They just left for Boston today to go and visit with my daughter-in-law's family. My house is so quiet now. I miss them already.
I took some pictures of different flowers around our yard and on our deck and thought I would post them. I didn't get to enjoy the beauty in our background until my son came home. It forced me to stop whatever it was I was doing and enjoy the flowers and summer time.
I do have a card to post for today as well. But, for now I hope you will enjoy the few pictures that I am posting here. So until next time.......God Bless.

Mandevilla plant-growing in a pot on the deck
Heliopsis underneath our deck
 Marguerite Daisy

My daughter-in-law and granddaughter enjoying the black eyed Susans, cone flowers and Shasta daisies.
Phoenix Daisy with the Chinese Lanterns.
more Black Eyed Susan's and Shasta Daisies growing on the bank of our creek
 Flower pots on our front porch
Gerbera Daisies in pot on our deck
Begonias from Teacher Appreciation Day


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