Wednesday, September 29, 2010

some birthday rak's

Happy Wednesday and thanks for taking the time to visit the charmed life blog. We celebrated Ethan's(our grandson) birthday yesterday. He just turned 10. He invited us to dinner but didn't check it out with Mom & Dad first. He just kept saying it will be ok Grandma, I want you & Pap to come over.

I checked with my son  later and he just laughed and said they were only planning a family dinner because the boys had football practice. But, my daughter-in-law was so gracious and insisted we come because it's what Ethan wanted. He loves his Pap some much after all.

Ethan's request for dinner was steak-pasta & salad. So we had filet Mignon, pasta with a delicious red sauce and a wonderful salad with butter greens-pears-toasted pecans blue cheese and a vinaigrette dressing.

He didn't want a cake just ice cream. So we put a candle in his ice cream bowl and sang happy birthday.
It was a wonderful night and another great family time. 

My cards for today are some that I received from blogger friends for my birthday back on September 17.

This one came from Joanne Travis, I just loved the soft pink color and the gorgeous rose. So thank you again Joanne for your thoughtfulness.

The next one came from Julia Aston. Her sweet cupcake images are from TaylorExpression stamps. So cute Julia and thanks again for thinking of me.

The last one I am posting today came from Wanda Cullen.  She used such pretty colors and the flower images and the "F" were popped up for dimension. Thank you Wanda for creating something special for me.

It's so nice to be remembered on your birthday. So just a word of encouragement to all you card makers out there. Send out your beautiful handmade creations, they are so appreciated by the ones that receive them.

Good night and God Bless


  1. What a gorgeous collection of received birthday cards, Mary!! Your grandson's birthday celebration dinner sounded wonderful :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Ethan too!! His dinner sounded wonderful :)

  3. Well darn I missed your birthday.
    The cards you received were lovely.
    Sounds like Ethan had a great 10th birthday.
    It's so much fun when they "want" to be with you isn't it.

  4. How did I miss your birthday??????I feel awful! I just hope it was "GRAND"!



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