Tuesday, June 22, 2010

special fathers day cards

Happy Tuesday and thanks for taking the time to visit the charmed life blog. Today is my day with my grandsons. It was a rainy day so we spent it inside.

They played some video games (surprise) and we watched a movie together and then went to a special ice cream store as our treat. This store has the best waffle cones and the most delicious ice cream. It was well worth the money that I spent.

Aidin had another tournament game  tonight. Since I was already over this side of town I stayed and went to the game. They lost 18-9. My son is the coach and he wasn't happy.
The kids get over it  faster than the adults at these little league games.

This is the start of a very busy 1 1/2 month  tournament schedule for the boys. They travel all around the suburban Pittsburgh area. When it's concluded we go away to the beach- the Outer Banks is our destination this year. Yeah!!

Today I am posting some very special father's day cards. It's the ones the boys made last week for their Dad. And, also the card  I made for my husband.

I brought the design for them to use but, I had them cut the paper-use the big shot-do the stamping and put it together. They aren't perfect cards, but I am very proud of the work they did.

My son loved them as well.

This card was made by Austin. He went and kind of did his own thing. Stamping where he wanted and he even used the frame from the top note on the inside.
His Dad is a hunter so he really liked using this image from the nature's silhouettes stamp set. If you click on the image it will make it bigger.

This card was made by Aidin. I saw this card on Nancy Riley's blog and she had her kids in school make it so I knew Aidin could handle it.

I had him do the folds and again it's not perfect but I think he did a pretty good job. He had a little trouble with the collar but he was determined to make it work.
He stamped "sssssooo glad you're my dad" on the inside of the card. It's a stamp from stampendous.

This card was made by Ethan. I saw this design on splitcoastststampers. I simplified it a bit so Ethan could complete it.
Instead of stamping on the punched tags, I had him use alphabet stickers.
He really liked using the punches and the embossing with the big shot.
Again everything isn't lined up so straight but for a 9 year old boy I think he did well.

Now the last card is the one I gave to my hubby. We made this at our stamp club about a month ago. Our hostess, Deb Vaughn, introduced us to the reflection technique.

Ink your image with the same ink and stamp it on a piece of acetate.

Flip your piece of acetate over so your stamped image is facing down. Line it up with your first image to create your reflection. Place acetate on cardstock. Rub over your acetate. It will transfer the image from the acetate to your cardstock.
We sponged the sky and the water where the trees are reflecting.
That's my post for today. Let me know what you think of the boys cards.


  1. How sweet! It's fun to see all the different cards that you helped your grandsons make. Great layouts and ideas!

  2. Well for some reason my comment ended up on your challenge win post!

  3. Oh wow Mary... I love all these men's cards... just great... have yet to try a shirt card... some day I will.. Love the scene card... really fun.. Have to try that one too.. so many things to do... and so little time... yikes... how will I ever get it all done... love all these... jsut great.

  4. Great way to honour the boys, no doubt lots of fun and pride too!

  5. Great cards Mary - and what fun to make them together!

  6. Hi Mary, hope you have been doing well!! All of your cards are SO lovely. A really beautiful assortment.

  7. Your grandsons did a fabulous job with all the cards, Mary...they must get their talent from you!!! Your card is beautiful, too...love the colors and the reflection!!!



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